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Actesy Partners With Two Oil and Gas Technology Vendors to Deliver a SaaS Energy Trading Platform

Actesy has partnered with two leading oil and gas technology vendors to deliver a unique SaaS application for oil and gas market data. 2DA provides the BAYZYEN data analytics application to commercial teams throughout the oil and gas value chain, while Abacus Solutions Inc. offers a SATURN ETRM solution with decision support capabilities. Ventyx, a subsidiary of ABB, is one of the world’s leading enterprise software and services partner companies for asset intensive industries. With these partnerships, actesy has quickly realized the complexity of business processes and provides a single platform for energy market solutions.

Ventyx’s ETRM system

One of the most critical features of an ETRM system is the ability to configure trade types and integrate them with brokers and exchanges. A well-developed commercial strategy articulates the trading organization’s mission and vision. It also outlines how each business unit contributes to its value creation. These elements have a direct impact on how the ETRM system is configured and implemented. A comprehensive ETRM system will help you manage transactional information, such as order history, trade details, and risk metrics.

Commodity prices are volatile and represent a significant portion of production costs. Because of this volatility, a comprehensive ETRM system is required for successful trading. ETRM systems help business owners gain insight into risks and improve productivity in energy trading. By offering broad functionality and an easy-to-use interface, the ETRM system also helps traders make better trading decisions. And with the ETRM system, data from different sources is analyzed in real time and analyzed to produce accurate trading decisions. This means that there are no more errors in aggregating data.

The ETRM system can help oil and gas firms increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line. Its ability to eliminate manual processes saves organizations money because employees can focus on more valuable aspects of their business. Additionally, ETRM systems can be scaled easily to meet the needs of any size organization. An ETRM system specifically designed for the oil industry can help traders manage physical trade, derivative trade, risk, and logistics, all with a single solution.

2DA’s product, BAYZYEN

Founded by former traders and software engineers, 2DA Analytics is a cloud-based data and analytics platform that empowers commercial teams in the oil and gas industry to make optimal decisions in real-time. It claims that its software can save up to 15 cents per barrel of crude or refined product. 2DA’s product, BAYZYEN, is designed specifically for commercial teams in the oil and gas industry. It replaces disparate spreadsheets with a single, unified view of all the data needed to make intelligent decisions.

The company was founded in 2016 with the aim of improving the value of available energy data and physical scheduling. Most petroleum companies currently rely on massive spreadsheets containing data that is re-keyed from dozens of sources and systems. In addition to these massive spreadsheets, 2DA’s product, BAYZYEN, is designed to help streamline the process. By combining advanced analytics with intuitive data visualization, 2DA’s product, BAYZYEN, helps companies mitigate value loss and exploit opportunities.

Actesy’s SaaS platform

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a cloud-based software application. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection and can be accessed through a web browser or downloaded application. It includes applications for office productivity, cloud security, mobility management, and other areas. Popular SaaS applications include Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, and more. Here is a brief look at some of the features and benefits of SaaS applications.

SaaS eliminates several hardware requirements. The software vendor hosts the database, code, and other components. Therefore, the company does not have to purchase, install, and maintain expensive hardware. Users can also access the application without internet connectivity. This flexibility is particularly valuable for companies with global operations. SaaS applications are easy to use on any device and can be accessed from anywhere, any time. Some SaaS applications are available offline for users to use when there is no internet connection.



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