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Armingol – Ready For Battle?

Armingol is a popular last name originating in Spain. It is the 64,734th most common last name worldwide and is held by 1 in 943,494 people.

It has also been found in 35 countries outside of Spain. The frequency of this surname is increasing, but the total number of people with this last name remains relatively stable.


The origin of Armingol is a little tricky to pin down but it’s clear that the name comes from a combination of Germanic, Gothic and Middle Eastern roots. The more common spellings of the name include Armengol, Ermengol, Ermengaud and Hermengaudius. It’s the 742,570th most commonly used last name in the world. It’s also a popular first name, ranked in the top 1 percent of all first names in the US. The name is a big hit in the Philippines, where it’s the country’s most popular last name. It’s also popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. The name is most frequently used as a last name in Europe, where it’s more commonly found than the US or Japan. It is also the most widely used last name in The Netherlands and Switzerland.


Armengol is a baby boy name with Germanic origins. It means “ready for battle” and is a variant of Ermengol in Catalan, Armengod in Spanish, Hermengaudius in Latin, or Ermengau in French. People with this name are generally dependable, practical and disciplined in their approach.

People with this name are able to take charge of their situation and inspire others. They are also a great communicator and are very artistic. They enjoy working as a team, but will work better on their own. They are a very reliable person and will honor their commitments to others. They are loyal and compassionate, even when they face hardships.

Armengol is a strong personality who takes charge of situations and becomes an inspiration to many. They are independent, confident and courageous. They are realistic, tolerant, efficient, self-determined and compassionate. They are focused, pragmatic, self-reliant, creative and industrious. They are independent and can work well in fields such as banking, management, science and agriculture. They can also be a good writer, orator and researcher. They are also a good social reformer and will do well in social roles such as counselors and coaches.


The best way to pronounce the name Armingol is to say it with a French accent. This Germanic name traces its origins to a medieval town named Aix-en-Provence, the capital of Provence, France. The name is also a common given name in Germany and England where it ranks among the top 500 names for boys and girls. Despite its Germanic roots, it is still rare to find a baby named Armingol in the United States. The best way to go about deciding on a name is to take the time to learn as much as you can about your chosen name so you are sure to make the right choice.


Saint Armengol is one of the most famous medieval martyrs. He was a Christian, a monk and an expert in combat. His life is a model of confidence in the Lord. He remained true to His faith, even in times of persecution, and he fought against the infidels who threatened his people. He is an example to all those who have lost their faith and need God’s graces to remain firm in the midst of the challenges of our time.

He was born in Guardia dels Prats, a small village in the archdiocese of Tarragon in Spain. He belonged to a noble house of barons whose ancestors were closely linked to the monarchs of Aragon and Castile. He was a great fighter for the Christian religion and was one of the most powerful men in Europe during the Middle Ages. His reputation as an outstanding soldier, a man of integrity and an exceptional healer made him a hero for his time. His heroic virtues and the miracles he performed during his lifetime earned him the title of “Saint Peter.” He is honored as a patron of the town of Barcelona, a city which is still revered by its faithful.



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