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Cageside Seats – Why You Should Get Them

If you love wrestling, then you’ve probably heard of Geno Mrosko, the man behind Cageside Seats. His website has gone from 700,000 hits in 2011 to over 130 million last year. But Mrosko didn’t watch any wrestling when he got the job. He just thought he’d be good at coding. Now, he runs one of the most popular wrestling websites in the world. Here are some of his tips for getting cageside seats.

MMA Mania’s Sergio Hernandez

If you’re a MMA fan, you’re probably interested in learning more about Sergio Hernandez. This article is written by the MMA fanatic who was once an outsider to the UFC, but recently stepped back into the sport. He shares his insight on the future of MMA and why he’s looking forward to the next UFC event. It’s also a good way to stay up-to-date with the UFC’s ambitious schedule.

AEW: Dynamite’s Dax Harwood

The newest additions to the Dynamite roster are Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood. The duo debuted last week and defeated Butcher and Blade in their first match. When asked about the name of their tag team, Dax replied, “For the Revolution” while Tony Schiavone thought FTR meant “Fuck the Revival”. As far as dreams go, Cash Wheeler would like to punch the Young Bucks, while Harwood wants to shut Dave Meltzer up.

In the event that you’re a fan, why not get the best seat in the house and watch Dynamite on TBS? The seats are great for action films, and you’ll enjoy all of the hype that comes with this newest event. Dax Harwood’s cageside seats offer unrivaled views of the action. With more than 10 million viewers tuning in, Dynamite has a strong fan base.

The match starts with Wheeler’s desperate attempt to separate himself from the other two Bucks. He passes both to the floor and tags Cash, who then lands a big uppercut on Nick. Meanwhile, Dax, meanwhile, comes out of nowhere and lands big jabs and snap suplexes on both Bucks. Eventually, Nick gets knocked out with a Clothesline, but not before Harwood’s “Cowboy” finish.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood were part of the tag team FTR, which was vying for a spot in the upcoming Owen Hart Cup Tournament. Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, and Samoa Joe were all involved in the fight. Dax Harwood walked away with the win. The next week, Wardlow and Cash Wheeler will face a taller opponent and Cash Wheeler ends up tweaking his knee.

AEW: Dynamite’s Danielle Rodriguez

If you’re planning to attend the upcoming AEW Dynamite premiere on Oct. 2, you might want to purchase cageside seats to see the former AEW Women’s Champion in action. The event will feature a number of segments that will be open to fans to watch. The former AEW Women’s champion is scheduled to face Hikaru Shida.

WWE’s Becky Lynch

Despite the hype surrounding her title match, the WWE has failed to impress fans and the general public alike. The former Miss Universe has consistently lost to The Nature Boy, and she’s not about to be the only woman to experience the same fate. The WWE’s Becky Lynch cageside seats are now as unorthodox as any in the company’s history. Regardless of the reason behind the change, this upcoming segment could be one of the most entertaining on the planet.

Since SummerSlam last year, Becky Lynch has made a name for herself as a champion in the WWE. While her character work hasn’t been as successful as it once was, she’s certainly a hot commodity. Her recent interview with ESPN has only helped to solidify this reputation and has helped her reach the heights she’s attained as a pro. Although it’s impossible to predict how she’ll perform in the ring, WWE has been busy preparing for the arrival of a new superstar in the wringing world.

Fans have also been eagerly anticipating Lynch’s return, and she’s been promoting her huge title defense. During a one-on-one interview with Ariel Helwani at WrestleMania Media Junket, Becky Lynch revealed that she doesn’t care whether Bianca Belair and her opponent, Becky, will fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

While the rumor mill is indicating that Rousey will face Becky at WrestleMania 38, it is still not clear if the two will meet at that event. Obviously, Becky Lynch has been trash-talking about Rousey. Since they last met in a Triple Threat, this may be an obvious match for Rousey. It is also possible that Rowdy will get the title match against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania.



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