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Carole Ann Boone and Ted Bundy

Carole Ann Boone met serial killer Ted Bundy while working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington. She was an avid supporter of Bundy’s claim that he was innocent, even after he was convicted of killing a dozen women in Florida.

During Bundy’s trial, he proposed marriage to Boone in front of a judge, and she agreed. That made their relationship legal in Florida, which meant that they could have conjugal visits while incarcerated together.

Married to Ted Bundy

After years of supporting Ted Bundy as he served time for the murders, Carole Ann Boone finally became his wife. She reportedly had their child while he was serving his death sentence, and she testified as a character witness in court on several occasions to help him avoid the death penalty.

She and Ted Bundy met in 1974 while she was working at the Olympia office of Washington state emergency services. They had a brief romantic affair and then went on to become married.

However, when Bundy confessed his crimes, she decided to part ways with him. She divorced him in 1986.

Her reasons for this are unknown, but she may have been disappointed and hurt by his confessions to her when it was so close to his death. There are also rumors that he had an affair with his lawyer, Diana Weiner.

Survived the Killings

In the 1970s, Ted Bundy was a rapist and serial killer who killed many young women. His seemingly charming exterior did not deter authorities, and he was eventually caught and hanged in 1989.

However, what most people don’t know is that Bundy married a woman named Carole Ann Boone in 1980. She was a victim of his charms and supported him blindly in his gruesome crimes.

She met Ted Bundy while working at the Department of Emergency Services in 1974, and they immediately hit it off. At the time, she was going through her second divorce and raising her son James.

They became close and she smuggled drugs to him in prison. They also conceived a child, Rosa Bundy, while he was on death row.

Their relationship ended in 1986, just three years before he was executed. In his last days, he confessed to killing over 30 girls. This deeply disappointed Carole. She subsequently cut off all contact with Bundy and divorced him.

Reportedly Missing

Carole Ann Boone is a woman with an incredible story. She married Ted Bundy despite the fact that he was a serial killer who had killed over thirty women.

Throughout their relationship, Boone fiercely defended Bundy in court and even moved to Florida just to be near him. She provided character witnesses on his behalf multiple times.

But when Bundy confessed to the crimes he had committed, her marriage started to crumble.

It was during this time that she gave birth to Bundy’s daughter, Rose.

During his time on death row, Bundy and Boone visited each other regularly. During these visits, they often had conjugal relations.

Where is Carole Ann Boone?

If you’ve ever read the story of Ted Bundy, you know how he kidnapped and killed more than thirty women. However, you may not be aware that Bundy had a wife who supported him blindly in his sadistic crimes.

Carole Ann Boone was a co-worker of Bundy at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia, Washington, USA. Initially, she denied Bundy’s interest in her.

Later, she started dating Bundy. She visited him regularly in prison and gave him money to plan his escapes.

She even became pregnant with Rose, Bundy’s daughter. It’s unknown how she got pregnant, but she probably gave birth while Bundy was in prison.

Boone continued to visit Bundy in prison, often taking her daughter with her. But in 1986, Bundy was designated to death watch which forbade any physical contact between his family and him. This upset Rose, who was denied hugs from her father and sometimes threw tantrums. After that, Boone stopped visiting Bundy altogether.



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