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Drugdu’s Partnership With SGS-CSTC

Leading B2B online platform for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Ddu, is partnering with SGS-CSTC to establish verified certification. As the cross-border medical trade in China has grown exponentially in recent years, the risk of contract fraud, counterfeit goods, and payment delinquency has increased. With the help of verified certification, Ddu and SGS will be able to eliminate these risks by facilitating certified transactions. This partnership will also provide additional benefits for users.

Credit verification

In response to the rapidly growing demand in cross-border medical trade, the leading online platform for pharmaceutical and medical devices has launched a new service that will help companies and buyers avoid fraudulent practices. The Ddu Credit Verification service will investigate key information such as production equipment, qualification certificates, and export capacity Drugdu’s to provide customers with the peace of mind that they are doing business with a legitimate supplier. The partnership between Ddu and SGS will help the companies and buyers better protect their interests.

The Ddu Credit Verification service will be a third-party audit conducted by SGS to confirm the legitimacy of approved suppliers. Ddu, a pioneer in the cross-border B2B medical trade, aims to transition its current business model over time to a more comprehensive and accurate credit-verification service. It will use big data collected on its platform to collect feedback from suppliers and buyers, helping build user credit files and enriching the content of credit verification.

Ddu is working with hundreds of medical trade companies to offer reliable credit verification services. Its management actively attends large-scale medical trade exhibitions, where it collects sourcing requests. Only verified companies will be recommended to participating in high-quality sourcing requests. This way, the verified companies benefit from first-hand procurement opportunities. By providing credit verification, Ddu helps companies stay up to date with the latest business opportunities. And because Ddu’s services are completely free of charge, they can save money on the services that they need.

Verified Certification: The service is an objective, detailed, and comprehensive certification service designed for cross-board medical trade companies. It helps members improve their core competences, establish brand credibility, and increase their exposure in global markets. The third-party verification institution will assess key information such as production equipment, qualification certificates, and export capacity. It will then provide customized certification reports highlighting these details. The verification process can be completed online through the third-party.

Big data

Drugdu’s big data platform is designed to help medical trade companies make informed decisions. The platform’s big data will record operational behavior, and will help collect feedback from suppliers and buyers, which will help enhance the content of credit verification. It can also speed up research and development by reducing the amount of time required for clinical trials. The article will conclude with recommendations for companies that want to make smarter decisions. It will be interesting to see how these insights can help improve the overall business of medical trade.

Pharmaceutical R&D has not been going well for the past two decades. With the increasing number of new molecular entities (NMEs), which are biologics and small molecules without prior marketing authorization (PMA), the cost of bringing these medicines to market has been rising at a steady pace. Big data analytics is one way to overcome this challenge, but the benefits must be matched by strategic implementation. Drugdu’s big data platform is a great start for pharma companies that want to make smarter decisions for their patients.

The future of big data in the pharmaceutical industry is bright. As humans continue to create more data each day, big data projects will accumulate more insights, and those insights will eventually be translated into improved treatments and products for patients. Using big data is essential to delivering better healthcare. For now, pharma companies have several ways to get started using this technology. Here are just a few:

Online medical devices exhibition

Ddu’s Trade Accelerator is a one-stop-shop online promotion system for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. This system helps them market their products through smart marketing strategies. To help them promote their products, they collaborate with SGS, an internationally authorized institute. In addition to ad promotions, Ddu also conducts content marketing. Listed medical device companies have the opportunity to interact with consumers on social media and gain maximum exposure.

The Ddu website features over one million medical products from over 100,000 global suppliers. Its Ddu Credit Verification system reduces the risks associated with cross-border transactions. The site has also partnered with Swiss SGS and German TUV Rheinland to verify suppliers’ products. By ensuring quality and safety, Ddu has a clear path to success for medical device companies and buyers. Interested buyers can find the products and services they are looking for and find the best partners through Ddu.

During the Florida International Medical Exhibition, the leading global pharmaceutical and medical device B2B online platform, Ddu, will present a new online-to-offline promotional exhibition strategy. Ddu will be demonstrating its new innovative technology that matches the data of healthcare buyers and suppliers. Online medical devices exhibitions can help a business increase its visibility and profits by generating a larger number of leads. The Florida International Medical Exhibition will attract medical device manufacturers and buyers from across the world.

Medical Devices 2022 will bring together the most influential individuals and organizations in the medical device industry. It will provide an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships between organizations, share research work, and gain knowledge from experienced professors and research scholars. Attending this event is a great way to develop your career and build contacts while attending a top-tier medical devices exhibition. There are many ways to participate in Medical Devices 2022.



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