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Is Foviance the Right Choice For Your Online Poker Business?

If you are new to online poker, you might be wondering if Foviance is the right choice for your business. PKR, an online poker playing site with over 2.25 million subscribers, is combining the services of two European leaders in web analytics and usability. The new company will focus on improving the customer experience by measuring the emotional responses of players. Its research reveals that PKR provides a much higher emotional engagement for its users than competitors. It also uncovers the areas where novice players get confused. The analysis of their forums suggests that PKR is a much better option than other companies for online poker.

In a recent press release, the company said that it has acquired the data and insight consultancy Applied Insight. The acquisition will accelerate the development of Foviance’s technology agnostic analytics division. It will also extend its client base. The company is already known for its work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The new business will combine a number of capabilities, including data analytics, website usability, and functional branding. It will operate under the name Seren and will have 70 employees based at its Shoreditch office. The name foviance is derived from the human eye’s fovea. The new company will have an impressive client list, with clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

The name Foviance is inspired by the fovea, the human eye. This was chosen to create a brand that would stick out on the web. The logo is a three-tiered eye, representing the new three-tiered offering. In the past, it has had a limited graphic language consisting of alternative brand colours and sweeping arcs. The sweeping arcs represent the three-tiered offering.

The name foviance is taken from the human eye and is inspired by the fovea. The company’s management team is made up of executives from WebAbacus and The Usability Company. Their names are similar and all four will take the same titles at Foviance. They will focus on innovation and user experience. The company is backed by a strong investor, Ben Langdon, a former CEO of Digital Marketing Group and a European CEO of McCann-Erickson.

In addition to the cScape acquisition, Foviance has acquired Applied Insight, a London-based consultancy. The acquisition will help the company increase the value of its customer experience services through an expanding client base. Applied Insight is a leading user experience and data analytics consultancy, and will join the merged company. The name comes from the word “fovea”, which means eye. The new merged firm will work with clients across all channels.

A successful merger between two leading service design and user experience consultancy Foviance has been named SEREN. All 70 of the company‘s employees will move to Seren’s offices in Shoreditch from the start. Its team includes senior executives such as Ben Langdon, Terry Heath, Ellen Jones, Richard Sedley, and Catriona Campbell. The company will continue to be led by Philip Hunt. The new brand combines a number of distinctive features that make it unique.

During the merger, the management of the two companies has remained the same. Both firms have the same goals. The CEO of The Usability Company will be heading the new firm. Other key executives of the company will continue to lead both companies. Moreover, the two firms will share the same board and employ the same employees. The combined teams will focus on innovation and marketing. And, the combined businesses will offer a broader range of services to clients.

Foviance is a leading user experience and web analytics consultancy. Founded in 1997, it is a London-based company with offices in London and New York. The company has a client list that includes some of the world’s biggest brands. Besides providing usability services to its clients, it also provides analytical consulting to help improve the customer experience. With the combined teams, the combined companies can better serve its clients by delivering better results.

Founded in 2008, the Foviance Group has a long history of innovation. The new company has a staff of over seventy people in London. The company has a large number of clients and will continue to expand globally. The company’s founder, Ben Langdon, has previously been CEO of Digital Marketing Group and European CEO of McCann-Erickson. He will serve as the new CEO of the company.



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