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Listin Diario – Dominican Republic’s Oldest Newspaper

Listin diario is one of the leading Dominican newspapers and the oldest still being published. This newspaper offers local news updates, sports, politics and entertainment.

This paper aims to maintain and defend truth, ethics and values in media, as it believes that informing is a duty and being informed is a law. It has also defended free and independent journalism, as well as freedom of speech according to the changes that have taken place in Dominican society.

Local News

Local news, also called hyperlocal, is a subset of general-interest news aimed at people within a specific geographic area. It includes such topics as community events and political news, as well as breaking news.

This is important because people need to know what is going on in their towns and cities. They need to know what is happening with their taxes, their schools and their infrastructure.

However, local news is increasingly being eroded by a number of factors. These include consolidation of ownership into a few regionally-based monopolies, and changes in digital technology. This has left many communities without a local newspaper.


Sports are a big part of the Dominican Republic’s culture and history, so it’s not surprising that they play a prominent role in news coverage. This is especially true for local newspapers like listin diario.

The 123-year-old newspaper recently took their newly installed KBA Comet press into production, a machine that was designed and manufactured by GWS Printing Systems. Mrs Gema Hidalgo, CEO of Listin Diario, was very pleased with the machine and passed on her thanks to the entire team at GWS for their work.

The Daily List is the only major newspaper in the country to have survived the foundations of the nineteenth century, maintaining their integrity and adherence to the truth. The newspaper also makes a strong case for free and independent journalism in an increasingly regulated media environment.


Listin diario has been around for 123 years in the communication industry, and remains the most venerable of all Dominican newspapers. As a result, it has managed to maintain its adherence to the truth, exercising free and independent journalism, with an unwavering commitment to the values of democracy.

In fact, the newspaper has been able to tackle the challenges of digital media head on, without compromising its mission. For the editor-in-chief of Listin diario, Miguel Franjul, this is a very laudable feat that represents the newspaper’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that its readers get all they need from their news.

The newspaper recently took the opportunity to make this a reality by installing a brand new KBA Comet press. This impressive piece of machinery was praised by the staff as well as the company’s supplier, GWS Printing Systems.


Generally, entertainment is a form of activity or event that holds the attention and interest of an audience. It may involve formal, scripted performance, such as theatre or concerts; or unscripted, spontaneous, and interactive, such as children’s games.

Throughout history, most forms of entertainment have persisted. They have evolved, however, due to changes in culture, technology and fashion.

Listin Diario is one of the oldest Dominican newspapers and has been able to overcome challenges and difficulties through the years. The paper has been able to continue its mission and it is a testament to how hard work pays off.



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