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little rabbit and the big bad leopard

little rabbit and the big bad leopard. In this blog post, we will explore a story about a little rabbit named Rabbit and a big bad leopard named Leopard. The story is about how Rabbit outsmarts Leopard and saves his life. The story is meant to illustrate the power of intelligence and how it can be used to overcome obstacles. It’s a story that is sure to entertain and teach at the same time. So read on and learn some valuable lessons about being intelligent and using your brainpower to get ahead!

Outline for little rabbit and the big bad leopard

  • little rabbit and the big bad leopard

  • The story of the little rabbit and the big bad leopard

  • The moral of the story

  • How to apply the story to life

  • Conclusion

The story of the little rabbit and the big bad leopard

Little Rabbit had a problem. Every day he would venture out into the big bad leopard’s territory to scavenge food. But despite

The little rabbit is always on the lookout for danger but never expects to run into a big bad leopard. The leopard sees the rabbit and decides to have some fun with it. First, the leopard jumps up and grabs the rabbit by its ears. Then it pulls the rabbit close and starts to bite its nose off! The rabbit screams in terror and tries to run away but the leopard keeps following it. Finally, the rabbit gets lucky and escapes into a hole in the ground. The leopard follows it but eventually loses track of it. The rabbit returns home safely but never ever goes near that area again! e his small size the leopard always managed to catch and eat him. Desperate Little Rabbit prayed for help.

Suddenly a wise old owl flew over and told him that he needed to start thinking like the leopard. He should try to outsmart the predator by using its own tactics against it. So Little Rabbit started making sly remarks about how lazy the leopard was how much it liked to sleep in, and so on. Gradually the leopard began to lose interest in Little Rabbit and stopped trying to eat him.

This story teaches us that it is important to use all of our resources in order to survive. By being sly and clever Little Rabbit was able to outsmart the leopard and stay safe.

e his best efforts the leopard always caught him and ate him clean. One day Little Rabbit decided to take matters into his own paws and ambush the leopard while it was eating. He succeeded in killing the leopard but at what cost?

The moral of the story

The moral of the story is to be careful what you wish for. Be careful who you trust. The little rabbit didn’t know who to trust so he stayed away from the big bad leopard. But the big bad leopard found him anyway and ate him. If little about

The moral of the story is to be careful who you cross. The little rabbit was playing in the forest when she came across a big bad leopard. The leopard was looking for something to eat and the Hare was just trying to get away. The leopard tackled the Hare and ate her. If the Hare had been more careful she might have been able to avoid getting eaten.

the bit had been more careful who he trusted he might have lived to tell his tale.

How to apply the story to life

In order to apply the story of the little Hare and the big bad leopard to life one must first be aware of their surroundings. Just as the little Hare was careful not to step in any holes in the ground that the big bad leopard might have been hiding in one must be very cautious when walking around their neighborhood or city. One must also be aware of their surroundings at all times as anything could happen. For example, if traveling out of town for a day trip make sure to pack a bag full of supplies just in case something happens while you are away. And lastly, always be aware of your own safety and well-being above all else. If something feels off or too dangerous don’t do it!


After witnessing the little Hare narrowly escape from the big bad leopard he decided it was time to put his new tricks to use. He practiced daily becoming faster and more agile than ever before. One day when the leopard came looking for him the little Hare ran away even faster than before. The leopard couldn’t catch him no matter how hard he tried and that made him very frustrated. In the end, the leopard just went home angry with himself because he knew he could have easily caught that pesky little Hare if he had only been a bit smarter.



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