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Sanareo – A Synoptical Scenario

1. The Scenario

A scenario is a synoptical collage of events or actions that describe the plot of a drama, opera, or ballet. It is a brief, high-level sketch of the story that can be expanded later in a fully developed libretto or script.

For example, a company may evaluate scenarios before making plans like opening a new branch office in order to predict the possible outcomes and act accordingly. In some cases, scenario analysis can help the company avoid potential losses or attract more clients and investors.

Scenario planning is a tool that helps businesses assess the risks associated with their business models, such as how much raw materials may cost and whether or not the demand for office space will increase. It is a vital tool for the strategic decision-making of companies, which can lead to increased profitability and improved competitiveness in the market.

It also helps health care organizations develop strategies for changing systems and designing new ones, such as a re-design of a hospital or an extension of services. It can be used for the development of new policies, to evaluate their impact on patients and to test out how new technology might change care processes.

Another important use of scenario analysis is to improve the performance of a portfolio, which can be done by running macro pricing updates on a global basis and monitoring them in real time. A fund manager with 50 private assets, for example, can run a list of desired macro pricing updates and sensitivities and then send it to each of its asset modelers.

A team with the right data, technology, bandwidth and skills can develop and maintain scenario plans. This requires a collaboration between leaders from different departments, who should work together to understand the implications of each potential scenario and how to respond in an effective manner.

5. The Scenery

Inspired by the early theatre weather machines that stood in the wings and created sound effects of rain, wind and lightning, sanareo is a performative art installation in which the sculptural parts both act as scenery and serve as the backdrop for the scene. Each part is equipped with a solar panel that generates energy to power the machine, which allows it to create its own electricity.

The scene contains a series of objects, which are linked to a set of waypoints. The scene controller can control the number of these objects, and also their position in relation to each other. The waypoint list is a database of navigational information, which can be used by the scene controller to navigate. It is possible to set a WrapWaypoints action that will fire whenever the scene controller reaches the last waypoint in the list.



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