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Stardew Valley Characters – Marnie

If you have been playing Stardew Valley, you may have come across the charming and affable villager Marnie. This ranch owner is one of the most helpful people in Pelican Town, especially when it comes to animals.

She is also a great character to make friends with, because she loves to give you gifts. She can even send you recipes at certain friendship levels.

What is Marnie like?

Marnie is one of the first villagers you’ll meet in Pelican Town. She is friendly and extremely helpful in getting you all set up for your new life in this rural town.

Marnie loves animals and taking care of her farm. She is also good friends with Mayor Lewis and works at Pierre’s General Store on Mondays.

Her schedule is relatively packed, with a lot of activities and chores to complete. This makes it difficult to find Marnie during the day.

She likes receiving gifts from you, and especially when it’s her birthday. You can give her up to two gifts per week, and you’ll get valuable items and unique dialogue as well.

Marnie has a secret relationship with Mayor Lewis, and she’s very stubborn about keeping it hidden from the rest of the town. She wants to make their relationship public, but Lewis is concerned that it will jeopardize his position as mayor.

How to make friends with Marnie?

Marnie is one of the most helpful characters you’ll meet in Stardew Valley. She is a rancher who loves animals and will sell you feed and tools to keep them happy.

Despite her busy schedule, she stays very friendly and always eager to help players out. She also makes a great companion early on in the game.

Her friendship levels with players will increase if she’s seen talking to them or receiving a gift. She also enjoys having a good time and is often found hanging out with her friend Lewis.

Marnie can be found at her ranch Southwest from Pelican town. She runs a shop where she sells certain inventory items at a good price. She also exercises with Caroline, Jodi, Emily, and Robin on Tuesdays at Pierre’s General Store.

What to give Marnie?

Marnie is one of the most helpful villagers in Stardew Valley. She is the owner of Marnie’s Ranch southwest of Pelican Town and she has lots of animals for sale. She also sells animal supplies like feed for all the animals and tools for collecting wool or milk.

Marnie loves getting gifts from the player. This is the best way to make friends with her in Stardew Valley and build up her friendship points.

She has an empty ten-heart bar and you can fill it up by giving her presents. She loves receiving these gifts as they help her feel appreciated!

The best gifts to give Marnie are Diamonds. They can be obtained by foraging or buying them from the Mines.

Another good gift is Amaranth Seeds because it’s her cows’ favorite treat. You can buy Amaranth seeds from Pierre’s General Store for 35g.

You can also give Marnie a Cave Carrot which she uses to train her goats.

How to make Marnie fall in love with you?

Marnie is one of the main characters in Stardew Valley. Whether you’re looking for a friend to take a stroll with or an extra set of hands to help out with chores, this charming villager can become a key part of your story.

As with most other characters, you can increase your friendship level with Marnie through gifts and other forms of interaction. This will trigger heart events with her that can earn you some amazing rewards in the form of gifts, recipes and even a chance to marry her.

Getting to know Marnie can be tricky at first. But with some patience and effort, you can soon start to feel her affection for you.

A great place to begin with Marnie is her ranch southwest of Pelican Town. She sells a few items at her shop, but the real draw is the chickens she has there. She’ll be happy to teach you how to raise them and give you a one in four chance of finding special blue chickens when you visit.



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