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The 4 Best Nintendo DS Emulator For iOS

If you’re looking for a Nintendo ds emulator for iOS, there are a few different choices available. Some iOS emulators are dedicated to android, while others have a variety of iOS games to choose from. Which emulator is best for you depends on your needs and personal preferences. Below we’ll review the 4 best Nintendo ds emulator for iOS. But before we get into those, let’s first take a look at the pros and cons of each of them.


iNDS is the successor to NDS4iOS, a popular DS emulator for iOS devices. It emulates games at 60 frames per second and includes haptic vibration and autosaves. Unlike the NDS4iOS emulator, iNDS allows users to disable the touchscreen and speed up the emulation. Users can download iNDS via TweakBox or Cydia Impactor, which are both free and require no jailbreak.

iNDS is not yet available in the Apple App Store due to strict approval insurance policies. However, you can download the emulator through third-party app stores such as AltStore and TopStore. You must also download game ROMs separately from iNDS, which means that you must install them from other sources. Fortunately, iNDS is free and works on all iOS devices.

iNDS is free and open-source. It allows you to install and search for ROMs. This free DS emulator also includes an integrated browser. Using the browser, you can install or uninstall games, search for game ROMs, or even browse trusted DS ROM websites. iNDS allows you to sideload games from these sources and play them right on your iPhone or iPad.


Among the best DS emulators for iOS, NDS4iOS works with most versions of the iOS platform. The emulator runs fast and has an attractive UI. To install the emulator, open iTunes on your iOS device and choose the “File Transfer” option. Then, tap the “NDS4iOS” icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator. Once installed, NDS4iOS will display a list of supported ROMs. Depending on your configuration, you can select which ROMs you want to play.

The NDS4iOS emulator is free for personal use. To download it, go to the developer’s website and download it. After the installation, you’ll need to trust the developer. Once you’re sure you trust the developer, launch the emulator. When it’s installed, you’ll need to trust it. Once installed, open iTunes and select “NDS4iOS” in the “File Sharing” section.


If you’re an avid Nintendo DS fan, you’ve probably heard of iDNS – a free iPad emulator that lets you play any of the Nintendo DS games. This emulator is incredibly easy to use and enables you to load external ROMs directly from your computer. It has thousands of games and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to play DS games on their iOS device.

The iNDS emulator supports iOS 12 and higher and is the best Nintendo emulator app available for iPhone. If the app isn’t installed correctly, it’s possible that the Apple security team has disabled the emulator’s certificate. If this is the case, you should trust it again in the Settings app. After this, you can re-install the app by downloading the iNDS IPA file. You can then side-load it onto your iPhone or directly download it to your device.

DraStic DS

This emulator is great for running Nintendo DS games on Android devices. It is capable of enhancing 3D graphics to twice the original resolution. In addition, it allows you to play games with virtual gamepad and stylus controls. You can also use cheat codes or fast-forward. However, it doesn’t yet support Wi-Fi. It also lacks a multiplayer mode.

This app is free for iOS, Android, and MacOS. It also doesn’t require any registration or payment and doesn’t need updates. It’s easy to install and uses the built-in iOS system to display game menus. It also supports save states, external controllers, and customizable on-screen gamepads. There’s also a Windows version available.

Despite its high rating, this app does come with a few restrictions. Although it’s not legal to download unauthorized copies of Nintendo games, DraStic DS does support most of them. Users can choose between various interfaces and layouts, and you can change the orientation and layout of the screen as needed. While using this app on iOS, make sure you have a jailbroken device.



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