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The 84th Annual EPLGA Conference

The 84th Annual EPLGA Conference focused on addressing the issues facing councils across the region and provided a forum for staff to work together and address shared issues. In Wudinna on Monday and Tuesday, representatives from the region’s 11 councils met with the Bullshift Company to discuss communication and collaboration techniques. In Tumby Bay, the main issues on the agenda included joint planning boards and mobile telecommunications during power outages.

84th Annual EPLGA Conference

The 84th Annual EPLGA Conference will be held at Port Lincoln Racecourse in South Australia on November 2 and 3. The focus of this year’s Conference is building regional resilience. It will provide a platform for dynamic conversations and encourage new ways of working together to address the challenges facing the region. Although MAGIQ Software is unable to attend the conference in person, they will sponsor the conference from afar. As one of the conference sponsors, they will be presenting an award to the Spirit of Eyre Peninsula.

Registrants may register for a day’s event to attend the Conference. Registration fees for day-only events include morning and afternoon teas, as well as lunch. The day’s schedule does not include the Conference Gala Dinner. Participants should consider taking out their own travel insurance to cover any expenses in case of delay, theft, or damage. The Conference is not responsible for any cancellation or missed flights. A list of the speakers can be found here.

Shared services agreement with Regional Development Australia

The Executive Officer of EPLGA is Peter Scott, who replaces Tony Irvine, who will retire at the end of 2019. Peter Scott has extensive experience and knowledge from his previous roles and will bring a wealth of experience to the role. He also brings a strong track record with councils, having previously worked for Regional Development Australia in the Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula region. In addition to his role with EPLGA, Peter will continue to focus on the area’s growth and development.

Concerns about desalination plant location in Boston Bay

In November, the South Australian government suspended plans for a desalination plant in Boston Bay at Port Lincoln. The move came amid local opposition to the desalination plant, which is not climate dependent and would disperse hyper saline water into shallow bays. Although the location of the plant is not a good match for the region, SA Water says the impact of the plant can be dispersed.

The Aquaria desalination plant in the Taunton River, located 45 miles south of Boston, is surrounded by chain-link fencing. It will filter salt from brackish water flowing up the river during high tide. Brockton already cuts back on its water use and needs a reliable supply of fresh water. However, there are other concerns about the plant’s location in Boston Bay.

One of the chief concerns about the plant’s location in the bay is the cost. The plant is expected to cost $60 million and is owned by Inima USA, a subsidiary of the Spanish company OHL. It could serve a half-dozen communities, including Taunton. In the meantime, it would provide clean water for hundreds of people in the city. But the question still remains: will the plant cause unexpected environmental impacts?

Executive Officer Mr Peter Scott

Peter Scott is the new EPLGA executive officer, replacing Tony Irvine, who is retiring at the end of the year. Peter brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles and is well-placed to build on the excellent working relationship he has already established with councils. Previously, Mr Scott was Economic Development Manager with Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula. While at EPLGA, he has a passion for innovation and the future of tourism in the state.

He had previously served as interim president of the Blue Shield Association (BSC) from 1993 to 1995, and as the president of Peninsula Golf and Country Club in San Mateo. He was an enthusiastic golfer and was a son of retired Army Lt. Gen. W.W. Scott. He is survived by his wife Ann F. Scott, three sons, Peter F. Scott Jr., who lives in Santa Rosa, and six grandchildren.



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