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The Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

If you want to get the most out of your CSGO matches, it’s time to master a few smoke grenade spots on Dust 2.

Aside from blocking off sight lines, these spots are also great for evading enemy attacks. This will allow you to buy yourself some more time or force opponents into a premature rotation, putting your team at an advantage.

1. CT Spawn

CS:GO players are known for playing a bit creatively and experiment with different sniping spots. These places can relay precise information about the enemy’s position to their teammates, which is crucial in this game.

CT Spawn is a great place to hide, but it can be tricky to use. It’s not very obvious how the area works, and if you don’t get out of there quick enough you may find yourself prefired.

On the other hand, if you’re on the T side you can use it to catch off the enemy team in a rush to A or B bomb site. This can be a huge advantage as long as you’re not being outmatched.

2. B Doors

The B Doors in Dust 2 are an essential part of the map, and they can provide your team with a strategic advantage. However, they are also susceptible to AWP-ers and peekers.

A great way to avoid these problems is to smoke the B doors. This will help you hold their position and buy your team time to set up a site.

One of the best places to do this is the long corner. By smoking this spot, you can block the CTs’ view of the Long Door and allow your team to pass through easily.

3. Upper Tunnels

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4. Tunnels Exit

Tunnels Exit is one of the best smoke spots dust 2. It blocks off AWP-ers from peeking into the B site and buys your team some time.

It is also a great smoke for pushing onto B site as it covers you from ambushes. Moreover, it makes the enemies near Mid Doors and B Tunnels unsure of where you are, which can help your team push easily.

Our next smoke angle is from the xBox near T Spawn on Dust 2. This smoke can cover a push from Catwalk onto A Short and also cover a late rotation through T Spawn as it can block off terrorists from seeing you.

This angle on Dust 2 is a bit cheeky but can be vital if you get the hang of it. It can be used to cover a push from A Long towards Top Mid or A Cross as well. It also blocks off the AWP-er’s view of CT Spawn Mid and A Site.

5. xBox

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