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the girl and the geek

the girl and the geek. If you’re like most people you probably have a few friends that are just a little bit different than the rest. They’re the ones that you can sit and talk to for hours whether it’s about movies or books or anything else. And chances are they share your love of geeky things. If you’re not one of these friends but you’d like to be here are a few tips on how to become one. Start by embracing your inner geek. Whether you enjoy watching Star Wars or playing video games obsessively let yourself enjoy those things in peace. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something and geeky things are no exception. Next, make sure you understand geek culture. This might mean reading up on different franchises or learning about the lingo used in geek circles.. Last but not least be friendly. These people are your family now so make sure to include them in all of your activities and outings. It would be a shame not to because they’re

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  • the girl and the geek

  • The girl and the geek

  • The girl and the geek: the story

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The girl and the geek

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: most people don’t like being around geeks. They’re seen as a nerdy awkward and generally uncomfortable company. But for some girls geekiness is something that makes them stand out from the pack.

Bethany has always been a bit of an outsider. She doesn’t fit in with the popular girls at her school and she’s never been the fastest or strongest person around. So when Bethany meets Elijah a genius computer nerd she’s instantly drawn to him. Elijah is everything Bethany isn’t- he’s smart confident and beautiful.

At first, Bethany tries to hide her interest in Elijah but soon enough they’re spending all their time together. It feels great to be accepted by someone who understands her perfectly – until Bethany finds out that Elijah is just as unpopular at school as she is. Suddenly being a geek seems much worse than it ever did before…

The girl and the geek: the story

It all started when the girl met the geek. They were both members of the same club and they hit it off right away. The geek was always so smart but the girl thought he was too shy to talk to her. She would try to get him to open up but it was no use.

One day though the girl finally got the Geek to open up about his life. He told her about how he loved science and mathematics and how he could never stop thinking about them. The girl was amazed by his passion for learning and she started to feel more comfortable around him.

The Geek and the Girl eventually became friends and they would spend hours talking about anything and everything. They even started dating later on in college but they still kept their relationship a secret from everyone else. Their love was special and nobody could take it away from them…


The girl and the geek is a term used to describe the relationship between an average everyday girl and an awkward nerdy guy. The average everyday girl often feels out of place in her environment and may feel like she doesn’t belong. The nerdy guy may be viewed as socially inept or unappealing by most girls. But through patience understanding and perhaps even a little bit of reinforcement from the average everyday girl the two can develop a strong bond that lasts long after they’ve left high school or college.



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