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The Shuro Chi Wish Wall in Destiny 2

The Wall of Wishes is one of the most unique secrets in Destiny 2. It can be used to teleport players to different encounters throughout Last Wish, spawn chests, and more.

It’s also a great way to farm catalysts for the Gjallarhorn Catalyst. The Shuro Chi fight in Last Wish is one of the easiest to farm for catalysts, thanks to its enemy-packed hallways.


The shuro chi wish wall is the last wish raid in Destiny 2. It grants any player’s wishes based on their button inputs.

The wall features a four-by-five grid of circular panels suspended above a pool of water. When a projectile strikes one of these panels, it illuminates and displays one of sixteen images. These images cycle through stylized fish, snakes, dragons, and hawks in various poses.

Once players have inputted the correct symbols across the grid, they can stand on a circle in front of the wall. This will transmit a pattern of images to Riven, who will grant them a wish.

There are four different wishes that can be obtained at the shuro chi wish wall. These wishes range from effects to keys and other special items. Some of these wish can also teleport the player to different parts of the raid, skipping some bosses altogether.

Shooting the buttons

When you visit the shuro chi wish wall in Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish raid, you’ll encounter a grid of circular buttons on a wall. These buttons are associated with a variety of wishes, including a few exotic ones.

To make a wish, shoot the buttons until they match up with the correct symbols. Then step on the center plate to activate your wish.

The shuro chi wish wall is an important part of the Last Wish raid, as it allows players to teleport to specific bosses without having to defeat them first. One particular wish allows players to teleport directly into Shuro Chi’s encounter, which is a prime spot for catalyst farming and a great place to activate the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

To make the most out of the shuro chi wish wall, equip a single shot weapon like a scout rifle or hand cannon to speed up the process. You’ll want to shoot each of the buttons on the wall until they match the correct symbol.

Teleporting to Shuro Chi’s encounter

In Last Wish, players can use the Wall of Wishes to teleport to various encounters. A Shuro Chi wish is one of them, and it lets you skip straight to the boss fight with her.

You can do this by entering the correct combination at the wishing wall in the raid, and stepping onto the glowing plate to activate the effect. Once it’s activated, your fireteam will teleport to the door before the Shuro Chi encounter.

The encounter is heavily timed, and requires a team that can consistently clear adds on the way to the final boss, as well as keep up the spawn rate of orbs while she’s still chasing you. Nightstalker tethers are great here, and Orpheus Rig and Hammer of Sol can help with orb generation.

After killing adds and spawning a ton of orbs, three designated team members should step on the plates and shoot lasers at each other, trapping Shuro Chi in a triangle. This will slow her song down and break her shield, letting you damage her.

Activating the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

If you’re a fan of the Gjallarhorn, you’ll be excited to hear that it’s back in Destiny 2 as part of the Bungie 30th Anniversary pack. The gun is one of the most iconic weapons in Destiny history, and now you can unlock it through a new quest line.

To get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst, you’ll need to complete a series of puzzles within the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. This dungeon can be played on any difficulty and can be done solo or with friends.

After you enter the dungeon, you’ll notice a number of yellow bar Reaver Vandals. Each one of these enemies will drop an Exotic Engram that gives you the Burden by Riches debuff.

Once you collect all three of these Engrams, you’ll be able to open a chest in the dungeon to unlock the Gjallarhorn Catalyst. The chest will appear almost immediately after you drop into the dungeon, but it’s a bit tricky to find.



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