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what happens inside the dungeon ch 1

what happens inside the dungeon ch 1. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a dungeon? If so this blog post is for you! In Chapter 1 we will explore the inner workings of a dungeon from the monsters that dwell there to the traps that keep adventurers from escaping. So if you’re curious about what happens inside a dungeon read on! You just might be surprised at what you find.

Outline for what happens inside the dungeon ch 1

  • what happens inside the dungeon ch 1

  • This Captured

  • This interrogated

  • This is tortured

  • This escapes

  • The Main Character is rescued

  • Conclusion

This is Captured

This is captured and taken to the dungeon where they are interrogated and tortured for information. They may be held there for days or weeks depending on the whims of their captors. If they do not cooperate they may be executed.

The character will then have to try to escape the dungeon on their own.

This is interrogated

The main character who is unnamed is interrogated by the king’s men. They want to know why he was in the dungeon

n and what he knows about the recent events. The main character does not give them any information and they eventually let him go.

This is tortured


This is inside the dungeon ch by the demons that live there. The demons enjoy torturing the main character and making him suffer for their own amusement.

This escapes

This (MC) is the only one who can escape the dungeon. They have to find their way out through a series of locked doors and puzzles.

This has been captured by the Evil Overlord and imprisoned in the dungeon. They manage to escape their cell and make their way through the dungeon evading the guards and traps.

e the puzzles. The MC will need to use their wit and resourcefulness to navigate their way out of the dungeon.

This is rescued

This is from the dungeon by the other characters in the party. They find him unconscious and near death and revive him with a potion. He is grateful to them for their help and they set off together to find a way out of t


Overall I thought the dungeon was a bit too short. I would have liked to see more rooms and puzzles to solve. If you are looking for a quick and easy read then this book is definitely for you.

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