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What Is Bailey Sarian’s Net Worth?

The following article will give you an idea about Bailey Sarian’s net worth. This talented YouTube creator and make-up artist is a popular Social media influencer. She has two sisters. Her sister Madison is married to actor Nick Malmberg. And, of course, she has a pet dog named Bailey. Read on to discover more about her net worth and her family! Listed below are some of the most interesting facts about Bailey Sarian.

YouTube creator

If you are looking for information about YouTube creator Bailey Sara’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. This beauty blogger has a net worth of around $3 million, which is not bad for someone who makes her living through her videos. Her YouTube channel, founded on 23 January 2013, has more than five million subscribers and four hundred and thirty three uploaded videos. She is best known for her makeup tutorial videos, but she has also created personal content for fans. Some of her favorite movies are Home Alone, Uncle Buck, The Wizard of Oz, and 10 things I hate about you.

While most YouTube stars are trying to build their following and increase their net worth, Bailey Sarian has found a method that has allowed her to earn money from home. Her videos are often educational and fun, and she has a large number of subscribers. Her videos have received millions of views. Her net worth is growing steadily, and her fans are paying attention. However, she continues to work hard to make more videos for her channel and series, and her popularity is steadily increasing.

She is married to tattoo artist Fernando Valdez. The couple has a successful business in Los Angeles. In December 2013, she got her first tattoo, and they were married in February 2017. The couple has been together since then. Bailey Sara’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. However, her net worth may be higher due to other ventures, such as her tattoo business. However, she is most proud of her YouTube success.

In addition to her videos, Bailey Sara earns money from the sale of merchandise. She sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items that relate to her content. She also sells custom wallpaper, which she has customized. These earnings make her a YouTube star, and are a significant part of her net worth. The money she earns from her videos is derived from AdSense, paid advertisements, sponsored blogs, and paid advertisement.

Make-up artist

The net worth of the popular makeup artist is approximately $800 thousand. Sarian has a strong background in beauty and has been making money from makeup tutorials for YouTube since 2008. She began her career at Sephora and has since moved on to work for Urban Decay. Sarian also assisted in putting together glitzy looks for music videos of celebrities. Then, she decided to work as a professional makeup artist and began providing makeup for private clients.

Her clients include Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, and Selena Gomez. Sarian’s family includes her mother, Cindy Sarian, and her sister, Madison Malberg. Before launching her career on YouTube, Bailey Sarian worked as a makeup artist in Hollywood. She exhibited her talent at various events, including Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Her YouTube channel has gained massive popularity in 2019. Her videos combine storytelling and makeup. Her first video is titled Chris Watts and averages 2 million views per video. Her videos are among the most popular in the world. Her makeup videos can be seen by millions of people. If you’re interested in the net worth of Bailey Sara, feel free to contact her and start a conversation with her! You’ll be glad you did.

Aside from her YouTube videos, Bailey Sara’s net worth is built on collaborations. She has worked with major makeup companies including MAC, Nars, and Sephora. She even collaborated with ESTATE, which launched an exclusive eye shadow palette in August 2020. Besides collaborating with big brands, Bailey also makes money by selling merch. She sells shirts and other items related to her YouTube channel.

Aside from her YouTube channel, Bailey Sarian has also developed a line of clothing, with vintage black hoodies and crewnecks. Her apparel line generates over 200 thousand dollars every year and her website. In addition to her clothing line, she also collaborates with several major brands, such as ESTATE Cosmetics and IPSY. Bailey’s net worth is estimated to be around six million dollars.

Social media influencer

Bailey Sarian has a net worth of $1.1 million. She is a YouTube star whose videos have gained 465 million views. However, she has not revealed any information about her parents. Her parents are from the UK and she is the second child of two parents. She has an elder sister and a younger sister, but no other siblings are known to her. Bailey Sarian’s net worth will most likely increase with the new projects that she takes on.

She married Fernando Valdez in December 2017. They met at a make-up event where she got her first tattoo. Valdez won her heart by painting her name in Graffiti. The couple married in December 2017 and have been together for three years. Bailey Sarian is an Anglo-American who graduated from Paloma Valley High School in Menefee, California. She was 27 when she split from Fernando Valdez, her husband of three years.

Before starting her YouTube career, Sarian worked for Urban Decay and Sephora. She supervised makeup artists on commercials and music videos. Her YouTube videos drew millions of viewers, and she has carved a name for herself as an influencer. Sarian was born on 26 November 1988 in Los Angeles. She was raised in a Christian family. Bailey Sarian’s net worth is estimated at around $500 thousand.

Bailey Sarian was born in California and raised in Los Angeles. Her father’s name is unknown. She has two sisters, Madison Sarian and Sarah Sarian, who married Nick Malmberg and has a son. The social media influencer is also Christian and holds mixed ethnic background. Bailey Sarian’s net worth has risen over the past few years. Bailey Sarian’s family life is a perfect example of her success.

Sarian’s social media influence reaches far beyond her own YouTube channel. The social media star started working for brands like Sephora and Urban Decay. In 2013, Bailey Sarian launched her first podcast, The Dark History Podcast. Her YouTube channel was not very successful for the first year, but has gained popularity in recent years. Her other projects include collaborating with major companies, releasing exclusive makeup palettes and murder mysteries.

Has a pet dog

Known for her social media presence, Bailey Sarian has a pet dog named Saint. The actress is from California and resides in Los Angeles with her husband. They do not have a studio team and film their makeup tutorials in their home. In 2017, she married Fernando Valdez, a tattoo artist. The couple met during their time as teenagers and were instantly inseparable. He has an extensive tattoo collection and even painted Bailey’s first tattoo!

She has two sisters and a pet dog. One sister, Madison Sarian, is married to Nick Malmberg. Bailey Sarian is not open about her father. She is a Christian and has a mixed ethnic background. She is a YouTube star and social media influencer. She has an adorable pet dog named Samson. She has also been spotted with other celebrities including Justin Bieber, who she meets at a bar.

Bailey Sarian has a pet dog named Samson. She is a YouTube sensation with over thirteen million views. She has also started a make-up line called Loud and has several clothing lines available on MerchLabs. Bailey is also engaged to Fernando Valdez, a talented artist and videographer who manages her fiance product line. The two are also in a video-making contest together.

Bailey Sarian has an estimated net worth of $2 million USD. She earns her money through various sources including her online video channels, her clothing line, and her collaborations with other designers. Her YouTube videos and collaborations with many other brands also help her generate thousands of dollars a month. Bailey Sarian’s net worth is constantly growing. There are no limits to her ambitions, and her dog Saint is her companion.

Bailey Sarian is also an expert in make-up and runs her own YouTube channel. She imports murder mystery movies from around the world and has millions of subscribers. She is also a podcaster and hosts the Dark History podcast. She also has a dog named Samson. Bailey Sarian’s career as a make-up artist has led to numerous side projects including podcasts. The YouTube channel she runs is called Dark History and Bailey Sarian also has her own make-up line, which sells nail polish, t-shirts, and tank tops. The products are available for purchase through MerchLabs.



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